Converting LaTex (or PDF) to Word???

Hi all,

My thesis adviser has years worth of work in MS Word format, because the military prefers it and that's where his funding comes from. I want to do my dissertation in LaTeX, for obvious reasons. He wants a copy in Word. Does anyone know a good converter from LaTeX (or PDF) to Word? One that can handle the equations and stuff? I don't mind shelling out some decent cash.




I'm really sorry, because this isn't relevant to your community, but I figured that you guys would have some experience with the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office.

I just want to strike through a value, however it won't let me strike through more than one character at a time, which makes it look pretty ugly since the strike isn't even! I was wondering if someone knew how to strike through a multidigit number or a word? Highlighting it and then clicking the function doesn't work!

Students can't add fractions...and such.

I have been frustrated for some time now about the fact that many of the students that I teach cannot perform the most basic math tasks such as adding fractions, taking roots, and so on without the assistance of a calculator. I teach at UMass, Amherst, and in Massachusetts, they only require two years of math to graduate high school. I imagine some of these problems can be attributed to students forgetting everything they ever learned in their junior and sophomore years. However, this is only a small part of it. Problems with the educational system aside, I was wondering if any of the other TA's out there have any good references for websites, etc, which I could pass along to my students who are having these troubles. I just can't take up time in a college level course (such as precalc) to reteach things like adding fractions and long division. I know there are many sites out there, but I thought if any of you knew of some particularly good ones, it might prove beneficial. Thanks so much for any advice.
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Transportation Modeling

Anybody here involved in the applied mathematics of transportation systems?

I'm currently working on modeling bicycle traffic flow and was curious if anybody is doing similar work and wants to connect.

Let me know.


Math GRE

I have a double bachelors in mathematics and physics and want to pursue a career in quantum research. I will be taking the physics and math subject GRE. I would like some input as to what areas to concentrate on when studying for the subject GRE in math.
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At the feet of giants...

I have just realised that I have the opportunity to be a mathematical descedant of David Hilbert.

Someone please talk some sense into me and tell me that this is not the right way to choose an advisor...
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