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math GRE question

Hey, I had a quick question about the Math GRE and grad transferring (I'm currently a second year grad student whose contemplating a school transfer). My undergrad record is good (good grades/courses), my grad record is good (A's in typical first/second year PhD level courses), and I have a half decent paper already published in the journal of mathematical analysis and applications.

Thing is my Undergrad math GRE score was horrific: 43 percentile both times I took it (this is what prevented me apparently, from getting into the programs I wanted.) Will retaking the math GRE and doing better improve my chances of transfering to a better school? Or will people think the better score just reflects that I've had more time to 'mature' and take difficult grad courses (or reflect something else for that matter)? (I should say I'm registered for this upcoming GRE, but I'm wondering if a good score will even help me)?


(Note, this is cross posted, sorry!)

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