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Teaching Career question

So I've been thinking about my future career in math, and wanted to ask something. The impression I get is that for academia jobs, a person either gets a 'reserach focus' job where they teach one or two classes a semester but put their main focus and energy into research, or a 'teaching job' where they teach two or three classes a semester and only publish a paper every couple of years (this I assumption I base partially on looking up faculty publications on mathsci for various schools and partially from what I've read and heard elsewhere). Is this correct?

Now, I know 'research focus' jobs are very difficult to get, so if I end up finishing my PhD but find that I am not able to land any of these 'research focus' jobs (even after say, doing a post doc or two), does that mean I'm basically screwed if I still want to do serious research? Are there positions where person can take both teaching and research seriously? Or are people generally only able to focus on one or the other? Is it that the teaching component at 'teaching focus' jobs take up so much of a person's time that they have no time to do research (assuming they are willing to pull 60 hour/weeks or more between research and teaching related duties)? Or that they (generally) do not choose to research a lot? I can't imagine teaching 2 or 3 classes a semester could be THAT time consuming (I'd imagine teaching duties, after getting used to them, would take 30 hours/week at most, which would leave a decent amount of time to research)? Yet again, it seems that facult at 'teaching focus' schools only publish say, every 3 or 4 years on average.

Could someone clarify the situation here? Something just isn't adding up. Thank you!!

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