Question about publications

After working and delving into old Italian-influence algebraic geometry, I've produced some new theorems that haven't been published. What do you think the qualifications for getting something published are?

(and no, I'm not looking for something Compositio Mathematica or something prestigious to publish in)


dear members of community, i need your help a lot!

the problem is - i can't find any info on topic
"theory of divisibility in the ring of polynomials with TWO variables and their usage"

i've looked through all catalogues of our uni library but in vain, there is only one Russian book which is not enough for my research.

if you can advise relevant links on free e-materials or send me the scanned books on topic (, i'll be very-very grateful!


math GRE question

Hey, I had a quick question about the Math GRE and grad transferring (I'm currently a second year grad student whose contemplating a school transfer). My undergrad record is good (good grades/courses), my grad record is good (A's in typical first/second year PhD level courses), and I have a half decent paper already published in the journal of mathematical analysis and applications.

Thing is my Undergrad math GRE score was horrific: 43 percentile both times I took it (this is what prevented me apparently, from getting into the programs I wanted.) Will retaking the math GRE and doing better improve my chances of transfering to a better school? Or will people think the better score just reflects that I've had more time to 'mature' and take difficult grad courses (or reflect something else for that matter)? (I should say I'm registered for this upcoming GRE, but I'm wondering if a good score will even help me)?


(Note, this is cross posted, sorry!)
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Grad School question

Hello, I've got a question that perhaps some of you would be able to answer.

I'm looking for grad schools in statistics, ones that are preferrably good (hehe), but I have one stipulation: I need a school that has things to do. I'm an outdoorsy hippy so, effectively, I want a beautiful campus that has camping and hiking close by and preferably some kind of music scene.

What universities could offer that?

Teaching Career question

So I've been thinking about my future career in math, and wanted to ask something. The impression I get is that for academia jobs, a person either gets a 'reserach focus' job where they teach one or two classes a semester but put their main focus and energy into research, or a 'teaching job' where they teach two or three classes a semester and only publish a paper every couple of years (this I assumption I base partially on looking up faculty publications on mathsci for various schools and partially from what I've read and heard elsewhere). Is this correct?

Now, I know 'research focus' jobs are very difficult to get, so if I end up finishing my PhD but find that I am not able to land any of these 'research focus' jobs (even after say, doing a post doc or two), does that mean I'm basically screwed if I still want to do serious research? Are there positions where person can take both teaching and research seriously? Or are people generally only able to focus on one or the other? Is it that the teaching component at 'teaching focus' jobs take up so much of a person's time that they have no time to do research (assuming they are willing to pull 60 hour/weeks or more between research and teaching related duties)? Or that they (generally) do not choose to research a lot? I can't imagine teaching 2 or 3 classes a semester could be THAT time consuming (I'd imagine teaching duties, after getting used to them, would take 30 hours/week at most, which would leave a decent amount of time to research)? Yet again, it seems that facult at 'teaching focus' schools only publish say, every 3 or 4 years on average.

Could someone clarify the situation here? Something just isn't adding up. Thank you!!
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local minima of f : R^5 - > R

If I have a function f: R^5 -> R and want to find local minima of f (or minma < threshold), what method should I use (prefer fast ,  global minimum is not needed)  ?  Thank you  

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Strings of numbers

Please excuse me, I'm neither a graduate nor a mathmetician, but I am a student. With a problem of sorts.

Possibly an interesting one.

I have a few thousand numbers. They're all muddled up. But the range is only 70 or so: at the moment they range from roughly -35 to +35. In these numbers, there are lots of strings of numbers that repeat. Possibly pretty ones. I'd like to find these repeated strings with a computer. Whats the longest string of numbers that repeats? Whats the most frequently repeated string of four or more numbers? The second most? Why can't excel tell me this? Or can it? What about SSPS?



If I can shoot aliens in 3D and build a railway from alaska to moscow, whay can't I find out that 254 comes up there twice?

Tarepanda - Teacup

A point in the right direction?

Hi... I feel so stupid. I'm getting my MPA right now.. but for undergrad I had a minor in math and was only a few classes away from getting a duel degree. But anyways, I'm so hopelessly lost right now on this project.

I'm not asking for anyone to do my homework or anything like that... just point me in the right direction on this one.

Full Description of Problem

Thanks in advance!
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My first talk.

Hey guys, I'm an undergrad/grad student (I'm getting my masters with my bachelors) and I have to give a talk in a week or two. I have Multivariable, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Analysis and Modern Algebra I and II under my belt and I'm having a hard time finding a good topic to cover. Anyone have a good idea for giving a talk that is interesting and a bit on the light side (for the audience's sake)? Thanks!
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to those who saw my post about my hw:

I apologize and now I see it was unapriopriate, I should solve it by myself to learn it. It was because of the shock, I was shocked because of so many questions and- yes I did not pay attention in class, and didn't come to class few times, cos of personal reasons.
I'm sorry.

*running away from the computer to do math*